We all know what the final year of school does – we are absolutely over assignments, and so was I! I took a gap year because I was not ready to live out of the home with no real experience. The school was a big struggle for me when I came to Australia in the middle of grade 11 and was trying to figure out the new school system and, of course, the Australian accent.


I took a gap year and decided to gain as much “non-academic” experience as I could. I completed a barrister/bartender course and worked days and nights in the only silver class restaurant in the middle of nowhere – Mount Isa. By the end of that year, I was reading every book I could get my hands on and I realised I missed the boring study environment! Now, of course, I find the studying environment inspiring and with the lingering scent of hot food (have you ever been to a uni library?).

I am absolutely glad that I took a gap year. I gained so much experience in the service industry, I had a chance to be with my family and I had a chance to miss studying! Now that I am back to studying, I enjoy every assignment and all the recommended readings with enthusiasm.

I’ve had my ups and downs during my gap year, but that year really matters to me now. I have something behind me, something that supports me in a new city without my family nearby – a real life experience…and a motivator not to be behind a bar making coffee all my life :p