Is your current Visa expiring? Do you want to stay longer?

We will assist you in finding the right course and your student Visa

If you are applying in Australia, you must hold a current temporary substantive visa, but not any one of the following:

  • Domestic Worker (Temporary) Diplomatic and Consular visa (subclass 426)
  • Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (subclass 403) in the Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or consular) stream
  • Diplomatic (Temporary) visa (subclass 995) – primary visa holder only. This means a family member of a Diplomatic (Temporary) visa (subclass 995) can apply for a Student visa in Australia.
  • Transit visa (subclass 771)
  • Visitor visa (subclass 600) in the Sponsored Family stream or in the Approved Destination Status stream.A substantive temporary visa is any visa other than a bridging visa, criminal justice or enforcement visa, which allows the visa holder to remain temporarily in Australia.
    In limited circumstances, if your student visa has expired within the last 28 days, you might be able to apply for your new student visa in Australia. You must not have been previously granted a visa on the basis of an application made when you did not hold a substantive visa.
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