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The students have many more study options today than in the previous years. Australia is offering a vast selection of courses and career paths. Australia is an English speaking country. It has been the country of choice for learning the English language. Australia has a single national and comprehensive system of qualifications, which are the basis of Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). The Australian federal state and government endorse AQF qualifications, so it is recognized all over the Australia and also by other countries.

It is the most well known option for studying in Australia. It can be for one academic year or for one semester, in one of the leading universities in Australia. In this option you will remain as a student in your university host. Your university will refer you to an approved university in Australia for enrollment, so you must check with your office in the international study programs early for your study abroad plans.
Obtaining an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in Australia In this option, you can study in Australia for a longer period of time. Undergraduate degree programs will took three years to complete, the universities in Australia focuses on degree requirements rather than the general education coursework because some international students that came from the country where they earned the degree in four years, it is necessary that you must have at least one year completed higher education in your country. Graduate degree programs is a single semester studies for the completion of graduate certificates, one year studies to a graduate diploma and two years studies to complete master’s degree. Also international students can have a doctorate degree which will take three to five years of full time study and self-directed research.

A Bachelor Degree will be issued to the students who completed their undergraduate studies. You must study three to four years full time. After completing one semester of full time study or study for 1 to 2 years as part time, you will receive a certificate stating that you have a special skill in a particular industry or profession. You can also receive Diploma, this is usually more intensive than certificate, but still provides skills directly relevant to the workplace. Achieving a Diploma requires the students to have intense studies than certificate and also you must complete Year 12 of study.

Each foundation programs is tied to a partner university and offers you a guaranteed entry into its partner university upon meeting the entry requirements. This program is suitable for the students who are looking for the best preparation program to the top universities in Australia, also to the students who do not meet the direct entry requirements into the undergraduate degree at university in Australia. This program has been developed in conjunction with the partner universities themselves, especially for the international students. The Foundation Program allows you to adapt to the Australian Tertiary academic system. You will benefit from the small classes and timetabled tutorials, learn to work in groups, become leaders conduct research and deliver presentation.

High school programs are designed to meet the English language and academic needed to take entrance exams to different universities. The curriculum and examinations are administered by each state. The final results of your examinations will be used to determine your university entrance ranking, which is used by Australian universities to select students for undergraduate places. Entry into the High School Program is based on English proficiency and academic performance.

Students can also enroll in Technical and Vocational courses in Australia. This practical career specific programs focus on hands- on training that are offered in various universities throughout Australia, and also in Technical and Further Education Institutes (TAFE). Every vocational facility will have its own  entry requirements but the basic is that they will be admitted if they have earned a high school diploma.

A Masters Degree is an important step in any career field, getting your Masters Degree can lead to a higher salaries, greater respects and better job opportunities. There are three types; by coursework, by research and the combination of two. Coursework comprises of classroom lectures, assignments, projects and written examinations. Research involves a research projects and a written thesis. To be able to achieve a Masters Degree, a student must successfully finish a Bachelors Degree in relevant subjects.

Students should achieve strong results in their Bachelors degree program in order to be considered for an Honor Program. Students who have their eyes set on a higher research are typically required to complete the Honor Program. The students who want to lengthen their education must complete their Honor years after receiving their Bachelor Degree. The Honor Program is a combination of research projects and course assignment.

Australia offers great opportunities for interns to gain ample amount of experience in their respective fields of interest. Through these training programs, theoretical and practical knowledge is provided to international students. With qualified trainers and sufficient guidance, it is a worthwhile experience to be a part of an internship programs in Australia. For eligibility, the student must be 18 years old and above, you are also required to have had a prior education and work experience in the field of applied internship.

To earn a Phd in Australia means to be notch above the rest. Learning under the top researchers of the South Pacific enhances a student portfolio and gaining the reputation of having been the part of the top class education system. PhDs are available in area such as Finance, Management, Commerce, Arts and Sciences. The program chosen as a fulltime study can lasts for a period of 3 to 5 years. A PhD in Australia is a major degree that provides training and education with the objective of producing graduates who have the ability to conduct research independently with a high level of originality and quality. For eligibility, the student must have an appropriate Bachelor’s Degree with a first class honors from a recognized tertiary institution or a Master’s Research Degree.


Teenagers Studying

School system in Australia aims to meet the learning needs of each individual student Australian schools are either government or non-government(Private).

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The ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) sector is very important in Australian education system.

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Vocational Education


The Australian VET (Vocational Education and Training) system is publicly or privately funded and is delivered by a wide variety of training institutions and enterprises.

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